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Pine Peak Entertainment started on September first of 2015. A Belgian production house founded by Kurt De Meuter, Stefaan Borremans and Steven Sterk. Each with their own skills but sharing one thing, an inexhaustible passion for film.

Our main passion is fiction. At this point we plant a seed and grow a tree. Starting from writing, filming, acting, editing, sound, soundtrack, movieprops, FX and artwork.

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Stefaan Borremans

Stef always had a thing for acting. From an early age, he was the star at family gatherings and at school he took every opportunity to perform at events. Later on when he started working, Stef continued taking pleasure in making fun videos with his colleagues which he both directed and edited. In 2011 and 2012, Stef took on the challenge to perform in two amateur theater plays for a live audience. This experience inspired him to take his acting hobby to another level. Thanks to Kurt De Meuter, he got his first role in the short movie "The View" in 2015, which sparked new acting opportunities for more movie and TV projects. When he is not working, Stef enjoys spending time with his two boys and brewing on new scripts for Pine Peak Entertainment

Favorite movies:
Brain Dead
Favorite series:

Kurt De Meuter

Not till 20 years ago this late bloomer felt the urge of acting. In the late 90s he began as extras in some small Flemish TV series. Between 2002 and 2008 he did regularly extras in the Flemish police series "Witse", here he learned the business as an actor but also how they worked behind the scenes. In time he grew and received his first guest role in the same series. When the series ended Kurt was asked to enlist in casting agencies. Fiction was temporarily traded for commercials, mostly as a businessman for B2B corporate films. When YouTube began to boom Kurt got interested in short Film and music videos, he came into contact with Nicolas Caeyers who gave him the opportunity to act in two Vevo music videos (Axwell & Ingrosso "Sun is Shining"). Kurt also continued working as an actor for film schools to deepen his acting skills. After some 20 short films he ventured his first steps as a writer and director. In 2015 he released the Short Film "The View" in which he starred with his colleague Stefaan Borremans. The collaboration was a success and immediately plans were made to continue working together. Via Stefaan, Kurt met Steven and Pine Peak Entertainment was founded.

Favorite movies:

Favorite series:

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Steven Sterk

As a young boy Steven was influenced by movies. Every Saturday his father rented a movie in the local video store. Not many years later he would have loved to go to film school, but his parents decided it would give him no future. As music was another passion he deeply cherished he started making music and till this day he still is a music producer. But his passion for movies, in particular the darker genre like; horror,thriller, scifi and mysteries but also 80s movies gave him the envy to work with this and in his late 20's he met Stefaan Borremans. They talked about making a film, but it took almost ten years before they made their first step. After the success of "The View" a shortfilm by Kurt De Meuter and Stefaan Borremans, the three guys teamed up and that's how Pine Peak Entertainment came to life. At Pine Peak Entertainment Steven has taken the lead role in the art department. That includes editing, artwork, webdesign, effects, soundtracks and social media.

Favorite movies:
The Blair Witch Project
American Psycho
Evil Dead (1 & 2)

Favorite series:
Stranger Things
Twin Peaks

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